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Scottish Hazards
(SC044785) is a charity regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

We are committed to improving worker health and safety throughout Scotland (and beyond).   



The Scottish Hazards Centre provides advice, training & support to workers on workplace health & safety issues. We aim to reduce work-related injury, ill health & death through increasing knowledge and awareness, improving practice & developing effective worker involvement. We need to secure annual funding of £100,000. A key message will be that union workplaces are safer workplaces! Your support in the form of an affiliation from your Trade Union Branch  would be much appreciated!

We are also asking that individuals support the Centre through small monthly donations.






Thursday, 3 December marked the 31st Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster.  

20 people braved the rain and wind last night to gather at Greyfriar’s Kirk­yard in Edinburgh to com­mem­or­ate the 31st anniversary of the Bho­pal Gas Dis­aster. With songs, poetry and state­ments of solid­ar­ity, we remembered all those who have died and been made ill in Bho­pal and renewed our pledges to sup­port the people of Bho­pal in their ongo­ing struggle for health care, clean water and justice.   



Please let us know of any other events that took place in Scotland.  


2015 Scottish Hazards Conference

Where is health and safety in post and pre election Scotland?

75 Health and Safety activists gathered at the STUC in Glasgow on 10 November for our 15th Annual Scottish Hazards Conference.  Delegates heard from Public Health Minister, Jamie Hepburn; Neil Findlay, MSP and Labour TU liaison; and Eurig Scandrett, Green candidate and co-convenor of the Scottish Green TU Group.

Louise Taggart (see slides) and Kathy Jenkins (see slides) highlighted some of what Scottish Hazards and Families Against Corporate Killers had done during 2015. Hilda Palmer spoke to delegates about action taken throughout the UK (see slides)

Paul Holleran of the National Union of Journalists spoke about his union's campaign on work related stress and Sarah Wiktorski of the Better than Zero Campaign gave delegates a flavour of their recent actions (see slides)  

The conference also saw the launch of the new Scottish Hazards Centre and delegates heard from our two new advice workers, Craig Hannon and Hilary Wilson.



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